“If you're an entrepreneur with a strong desire and a great new product, make sure you add Abigail Steinberg's book to your library.“

— Deborah Bailey Coach Blog

“There's a wealth of information packed into this book which address both wholesale and retail concerns, making it an invaluable guide for any who contemplate bringing their natural product into the marketplace.“

— Midwest Book Review

“This is a great read for anybody trying to navigate the U.S. specialty food ecosystem. There is a particularly helpful chapter on brokers. It provides specific questions and what the answers should look like when vetting brokers for your natural foods business. I also really appreciated Abigail’s candor of what it takes financially and physically to build a top performing brand.“


“In summation, this unique book appears to be a disruptive win for entrepreneurs. Having spent a few years in the natural food industry myself, I can say with confidence that Steinberg covers not only the fundamentals but unveils layers of hidden knowledge.

It’s an ambitious and dense book. It is clear this is meant for the serious investor or aspiring natural food entrepreneur. Steinberg’s addition of a glossary is extremely helpful. My recommendation to any serious foodie thinking about getting their product into a natural market is to read chapters (4) & (5) first. They are essential jumpstart chapters for any investor in this industry.“

— Interstellar

“This book takes a hard subject and makes it fun, not time consuming but a worthy read. It opened my mind up in my sales position and I literally expanded my horizons. I took what seemed a virtual walk with Abigail through the store scanning shelves and then in the back to see my product on the pallet next to the managers station where the POs are matched. And out my purse came the proper forms and turnover sheets necessary, as I became so prepared to face the mountain ahead of me. count the cost. Read this book. If you know what it takes then you can take what makes success. A fun adventurous read in the reality background world of product marketing. You actually get introduced to the various distributors and why you want which one when. Then about Trade shows: “Don’t do these without a major distributor” and she tells why. That right there saved me $7000.“

— Rhonda Hodges

“Have you ever thought you had the perfect food product to bring to market? Dreaming of your product on the shelves of Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s? Well before you take one step, read this book. “Recipe for Success: An Insider’s Guide to Bringing Your Natural Food to Market” by Abigail Steinberg is characterized as,”a shelf-help book.” And it certainly covers all the questions you might have if you’re thinking of getting your product out there.

Steinberg starts out with “bringing your food to market” and introduces her example, Michael’s Perfect Pickles as a way of showing you what is needed. She’s a senior executive in the natural foods industry and she’s also offered her expertise to companies. So, she’s the perfect person to give you the real deal on what to do for the product launch and beyond.

The book covers topics such as, owning your retail shelf space, partnering with distributors, FDA approvals, what you need to know about brokers and how to manage trade shows. She wraps up with information on whether you should sell once you get to a certain point, or expand. As she states in the conclusion, her desire is for you to learn from her hard-won experience. She says, “the natural foods industry is important because it can change the way we eat, clean and consume for the better.”

Creating a product can be an important game-changer, but in order to make sure of its success, you have to understand how the system works. If you’re an entrepreneur with a strong desire and a great new product, make sure you add Abigail Steinberg’s book to your library. The more you know, the more you can ensure your success in the marketplace.(Received a review copy.)“

— Nerdy Girl